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Release Notes &
Upcoming Revisions

This page is to be used for our download community to help their knowledge on what was in each release
before they are downloaded and what is coming in the next minor or major release.

Working On

Year 2023

System Integration:

  • 4473 Cloud - Coming
  • Waiver Forever - Coming

Web Integration:

  • Wepon Depot - Coming
  • Memberpress - Coming
  • Gun Broker - Coming
  • Guns America - Coming

Thinking About:

  • Employee Timeclock
  • Multi-Location Range
  • Convert Memberships to be able to raname them


System Integration:

  • FastBound

Web Integration:

  • WooCommerce

Thinking About:

Released Versions

3.25.1 06/25/23

Added Features:

Changed logging to be in the database from files

Bug Fixes:

Fixed the site FFL license date field on the input screen


We are still look for any feedback EOD Till functionality

3.24.12 12/27/22

Added Features:

Added an API to get images from our system API

Added payments replationship to invoice

Added logic to autopopulate the owner of the NFA form

Changed the giftcard speed and it functionality to make it easier for the users

Bug Fixes:

Fixed emailing from MyFFLBook for Microsoft Office 365


Feedback needed from users on the Till functionality

3.24.11 11/19/22

Added Features:

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Credit Card parameter entry form

Added a "No Change" button the the connection form

Fixed parameter save as an error would pop up and cannot change any new changes

Fixed the NFA form for none owners as it asked to check a form type and should not have

Fixed Fastbound code in deleted by accident

Fixed acquired date in gunbook


Feedback needed from users on the Till functionality

3.24.10 10/31/22

Added Features:

Added multiple file import availability for FFL listings from the ATF as of 07/22

Added EndOfShift reciept print

Added the ability to import more then on FFL Listing file at once

Moved all parameters from the XML file to the database

Added integration to Fastbound for processing 4473

Removed all pictures from products to be stored on disk instead of the database to reduce it's size

Bug Fixes:

Fixed IsMulti Member error adding a new member

Fixed drop down in Gunbook as customers did not populate the list

Fixed the color on the waiver button to reflect after deleting the waiver


Feedback needed from users on the Till functionality

3.24.7 04/19/22

Added Features:

Added the import functionality to FFL Listing from the ATF website

Added a shortcut from customer to created new invoice

Added a option to change a customer barcode on the customer

Added functionality to auto add FFL/customer records based on the FFL number

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Invoice throwing error on open

Changed Drivers license text box changed, must hit tab

Fixed main forms from switching when other form opens

Fixed revision licensing issue

Fixed parameter access form

Fixed error on close of the Multi-Form

Fixed the speed of the customer save

Fixed scanning over RDP errors

Fixed the thermal print where logo was not correct


Feedback needed from users on the Till functionality

fixed the thermal print where logo was not correct

3.24.3 03/28/22

Added Features:

Changed to Dot Netframework 4.8

Allow zero or negative invoices amounts

Starting to add and also move the parameters to database

Bug Fixes:

Price check was not working since the image change

Added new fields to Gunbook to stay complient for the electric bounded book


Waiting for feedback on the Till functionality

3.23.2 03/06/22

Added Features:

Add a new option for the stock take to only bing in items that its stock status is set to true

Added the ability to update the image directly from the invoice by clicking on the image

Removed the 3 dots from the product and now just click on the image to change or replace the image

Moved all images to a new table to speed up the products form as after 45000 images speed was decreased

Added a new process to read in Driver's Licenses

Added a flag on the customer for saftey video

Added a the user dropdown option for the till users for the EndOfDay till close out

Bug Fixes:

Vacation was not saving and reloading correctly

ATF Forms fix to make signature transperent on the forms instead of a having a white background


This upgrade will take on first open if you have alot of images, make sure you have a good backup

3.22.12 01/09/22

Added Features:

Merge Customer was implemented to reduce the duplicated accounts for customers and suppliers

Added QR code to NFA forms

Improved Import process for Customer & Supplier

Added the payment processor (PayRoc)

Added PDF Invoice printing

3.22.0 08/09/21

Added Features:

Form 4 autocreation based on the Gunbook entries
Notification of the Removal of Stripe.NET (09/30/2021)

“The following categories of businesses and business practices are prohibited from using the Stripe Service . . . Regulated Products and Services: . . . age restricted goods or services, weapons and ammunition’s. . .” (Stripe terms)

We will continue with the Authorize.NET which some of you use already, there are two better options now and they are seamless within the invoice form.

These solutions are why better then the Authorize.NET solution:

FortisPay (formally BlueDog)

Bugs Fixes

Fixed the GunBook form for inconsistencies with ADD, SAVE, CANCEL and DELETE buttons

Fixed the GunBook form to be more user process oriented from suggestions from customer

Wrong default server with installing MyFFLBook from the configuration file


We are looking for some feedback on the BOM before we implement the auto-inventory deductions when adding a BOM product. We are also looking for feedback around the form 4 process to make sure that you are all happy with the process.

3.19.1 04/16/21

Added Features:

Added new Icons throughout the system and to make the refresh on forms more apparent

Bug Fixes

Fixed the Tax Regions and Rates to fit on one screen instead of two

Fixed the Book entry screen with more error checking

Fixed the Gunbook Report as it was displaying incorrect gun calibers and types

Know Bugs


With the increase of people using the software, we spent all of last week cleaning up the initial setup forms and making them more user friendly. We also are moving from a manual and screen shot methodology to a YouTube channel with more concentrated views of the software functionality.

3.03.07 03/31/21

Added Features:

Added telephone and email to the site detail

Bug Fixes

Added a new backup procedure as the current one is deprecated in SQLExpress 2019

3.03.04 02/26/21

Added Features:

3310 multi-icon added to print out forms on a daily basis

Updated Class and Class Schedules too have 100 Chars for the classtype field

Added links to 3310 forms on each Gunbook entry

Added document links to many forms including the Gunbook for firearm destruction capturing

Added blue label to the Gunbook entry

Added the Sports South LLC import to import all products, text entries and pictures

Wishlist entries for your customers

Changed the process for the End Customer and the store user entry

Added Bay and Lane maintenance log for passed issue per lane and its speed

Import the FFL List from the website

Bug Fixes

Fixed 4473 entries saving issues

Know Fixes

3.02.01 10/15/19

Bug Fixes

Missing field “isGunsmithing” as update script was not correct.

Know Bugs

3.02.01 10/15/19

Bug Fixes

Missing a field for fresh install

Know Bugs

3.01.12 07/31/19

Bug Fixes

Fixed the un-dispose option in Gunbook as it was not reloading the update

Deleting a firearm line on the invoice was not clearing the gunbook 4473 Buyer & Seller Entry would not all populate

Double clinking on the gunsmithing order get a warning
Gift Card printing barcode length
Fixed the infupgrade table that was missing from a fresh install

New Options

Add attachments “for example Pictures” to GunBook

3.24.15 06/22/23

Added Features:

Added a report for customer data

Bug Fixes:

Fixed printer paper kind issue for other types of label printers


We are still look for any feedback EOD Till functionality

3.24.14 04/08/23

Added Features:

Added the get images folder access from network drive

Added API to The Events Calendar plugin to add venues and classes online

Bug Fixes:

Fixed some isse on Giftcard save and print


We are still look for any feedback EOD Till functionality

3.01.12 07/31/19

Bug Fixes

Giftcards not printing correctly on CR-80 cards Membership cards not printing correctly on CR-80 cards Sales of firearms were selecting sold firearms

Deleting a firearm line on the invoice was not clearing the gunbook 4473 Buyer & Seller Entry would not all populate

Partial-Payments not showing up on day of payment but day of final sale Invoices under each firearm was not showing up for each the customer Firearm invoices under the customers where not all showing up Made the customer ID visible for the 4473 process

New Options

Add attachments “for example Pictures” to GunBook Firearm Destruction

NFA Destruction (NFA Picture Requirement)

Added Delays/Layaway on the main dashboard

Allow invoice changed to the ones that are in Part-Invoiced, Hold, Ordered status

Ability to re-open an invoice to be able to edit it

Changed the phone number entries to be masked/formatted to US format

3.00.x 02/18/19

Bug Fixes

Changed the revision version number for upcoming customer release

Added a print label to go to email of no printer is specified

Added a print label in the GunBook

Added document links in customer

Merged Customers and Membership Cards onto one screen

Added range usage to Customer profile

Added Waivers to Customer Profile

Added documents to Customer Profile

Added membership cards

Added Shooter Info

Added Shooter Lane Usage / Visits

Added Bay & Lane Allocation by Shooter

Added the ability to import Customer & Suppliers

Report added back in for Acquisition and Dispositions

Added the ability to install on either 32bit or 64bit

Moved FFL number to Customer/Supplier level

Added GunBook Label Print Button

Check for last x Days for old revolver/pistol transfers

Adding the reports back in for Acquisition and Dispositions Importing from Lipsey’s

3.22.15 02/12/22

Added Features:

Added Search Capabilities to the Customer for Customer Notes

Added the ability to double click on the Giftcard payment invoice list to bring up the specific invoice

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Giftcard manual card code as it was not saving correctl

Fixed the issue with creating PDF files from the system that have a DLL reference

Fixed the Till “EndOfShift” option to close the day for each Till


Till fix is in beta testing mode

3.19.13 01/30/22

Added Features:

Added Search Capabilities to the Gift Cards Form

Bug Fixes

Invoice allowed to be closed without saving the “CASH” or “CREDIT” payment value

Some grid views had some error caused by the .net framwork, so we put in error suppressions on close

Product is zeroing the cost value of the quantity linese

Wishlist spelling mistakee

Credit Card Merchant setting to have a default of False for configuration confusione

3.19.2 06/25/21

Added Features:

Generate NFA Form 4 and responsible persons

Manufacturing BOM (Bill of Materials) for plant that manufacture firearms and need to control their inventory

  • AR-15 Assemblies
  • Precision Rifle Assemblies
  • Other Assemblies needing many parts

Credit Card Integration (Authorize.NET)(Charge, Void, and Refund Transactions)

Credit Card Integration (Stripe.NET)(Charge Transactions)

Credit Card Integration (BlueDog)(Charge Transactions) Importing products from RSR

Added for new installations 19000 products already imported which includes default account & categories from RSR to get up and going faster.

Added for new installations 19000 products already imported which includes default account & categories from RSR to get up and going faster.

Added Cross Reference product imports

Bug Fixes

Fixed the Products form for inconsistencies with ADD, SAVE, CANCEL and DELETE buttons

Fixed the Products form to be more user process oriented from suggestions from customer


Many same changes in form workflow

3.19.0 04/4/21

Added Features:

Added more logic for the (add, save, delete and cancel) button on the Gunbook

Bug Fixes

Fixed the adding categories form
Fixed the Acquired date in Gunbook to check for missing FFL license only on save now
Fixed date on site license as it was not saving properly
Fixed 4473 end customer view for not networked/domain locations
Fixed the Gunbook DisposeFFLNumber was set to a bit not string


Renumbered version to match SVN repo

3.03.06 03/12/21

Added Features:

Added on the dashboard the multi-sales after many requests
Removed the multi steps for importing Sports South, now it auto prompts the process

Bug Fixes

Fixed the multi-sales as it was looking at current sales date day plus 5 for a total of 6 not 5 days

Know Bugs

Memory leak with importing pictures

3.02.02 04/13/20

Added Features:

Added “add” button on the product and gunbook forms to easily add in new customers, suppliers and products 3310 new Multi Icon that was added to run Multi’s report for today end of shift

Gunbook Form

Added Manufacture Add & Refresh
Added Product Add

Product Form

Added Manufacture Add & Refresh

Reports Form

Reports, now on some given reports you can run them and double click on them and it will open up either the product or the gun from the report

Bugs Fixes

Ability to delete a customer that has not transaction
The refresh on the gun book is fixed as it was not working
State is now defaulting correctly as it was being added to the country instead

Know Bugs

Book Number in Gunbook was not warning that it needed to be numeric

3.01.13 09/28/19

Added a percentage for sales on the categories in order to pay commissions

Credit Card Integration (Authorize.NET) ( Testing )

Bug Fixes

Dashboard export gunsmith list done not export correctly
Capturing Image would not add a new picture to a new customer
Dashboard frames not lining up
Adding customer

Know Bugs

Multi-Sales control number issue with adding in your control number from your A&D hard book

3.01.4 to 3.01.11

Internal Testing revisions

3.01.2 06/15/19

Bug Fixes

Vacation Form is not opening and is closing the application
Gunbook changed to unlock all fields on a edit
Daily and Monthly tasks were not population correctly
Yesterdays sales error on 5/31/19 date
Todays sales error not showing partial payments
By-pass on daily task dashboard has been fixed
Installation errors, cause by some versions of Windows 10 permissions issues
Adding new product cost

New Options

Added Site to be set per user and also an Admin flag for restricted options

Added Multi-Till capability for end of day reconciliation

Added a Disposition change option on the gunbook

3.01.x 05/10/19

Release to customer after Shot Show and NRA Show 2019

This is our functional release that we are using at our gun range currently

1.0.2 10/30/15

Big Fix

When no FFL personal aqusition

No Close Button

No Product Memory

FFL for Easy Supplier Population on The Form

State County Should Only Show Counties From That State

Cannot Save Customer Forum Without Info

Al Drop-Downs Should Be in Alphabetical Order

Automatic Check for In-Stock on Gun Book

Grey Out Fields So User Knows to Hit “+”

Restart Gun Book Every Time A New Product Is Added

Cannot Complete a save; County Doesn’t Work

Add FFL to customer

1.0.0 09/14/15

Initial Demo Release of MyFFLBook

Created Install Package

Created Install Document