What is MyFFLBook?

We are not just a company.

We are an “all in one” enterprise system.

We are American made and on premise system.

We are in the firearm business not just a programing firm.

Whether you are a single location or have to multiple locations, we can help you.

While using MyFFLBook dashboard’s information , employees become more aware and efficient on doing their specific daily tasks and. With the lane and maintenance system will also give your facility to accomplish routine duty and maintenance tasks around your facility. This is especially useful for gun range’s that have daily and monthly maintenance tasks. The dashboard also lets the employees know daily sales, vacations, daily class schedules and updates on gunsmithing work orders.

  • Generate NFA Forms

    Form 1 (5320.1), Form 4 (5320.4) and Form 4 (5320.5)

  • Range Membership System

    Includes the ability to issue waiver/membership cards to each shooter. Also includes reoccurring billing and electronic waiver.

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

    Includes the to create assemblies which will auto deduct inventory and its quantities used to create the product for the assembly.

  • Range Membership

    COMING SOON – Includes an integration with Memberpress on a external website to allow customer to manage their memberships.

  • Electronic 4473 & 3310

    Generate 4473 electronically for over the counter firearms sales and have the ability to generate 3310 multi forms.

  • Point of Sales (POS)

    Includes a easy to use entry form to cash out the customer at any retail counter.

  • Bay and Lane Allocation

    Includes the ability to scan the membership card and allocate the user to a bay/lane.

  • Gunsmithing Work Orders

    Includes auto generation of work order for the gunsmiths directly from the electronic bounded book.

  • Task Scheduling Management

    This includes an unlimited number of color-coded tasks on the dashboard for employees in any department duties necessary to be completed on daily openings or closings of  your facility. This also includes the ability to insert special, non-occurring tasks.

  • Electronic

    Acquisition and disposition with historical view at any changes for each firearm entry

  • Supplier Inventory Integration

    Import your product inventory automatically with descriptions and their pictures.

  • Maintenance System

    Includes the ability to schedule unlimited tasks, track lane maintenance and repairs around your facility.

Customer View


Customer Main Screen

Customer Range Usage

Customer Documents


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Customer Waiver


Stock Take



GunBook ATF Historical Changes

Range View

Lane Allocation

TV LineUp

Renew your Lanes

MyFFLBook allows you to change that “ole” for a more modern look and feel. These boxes can run with MyFFLBook or can be installed in a stand-alone mode. If used in conjunction with MyFFLBook and it lane management system you will reduce lane time abuse from your shooters as when their time runs out or if another shooters decides to use a unoccupied lane, it locks them out. If installed in a stand-alone model you will make you lanes look modern with some key addons to send you target down range to a specific yard and some tutor buttons plus gets rid of that “ole” toggle switch.

Toggle Lane Controller Upgrade

Equipment Needed

System Requirements


All of your data will be backed up on an hourly basis using Microsoft’s SQL Express Server. If you already own a SQL server at you facility, you will be able to use it instead.

Before deploying SQL Server Express, you should make yourself aware of its limitations which include:

  • 1GB maximum memory used by the SQL Server Database Engine
  • The maximum size of each relational database is 10GB
  • SQL Agent is not included in Express. The SQL Agent is a background tool which enables administrators to automate tasks like backing up data, database replication setup, job scheduling, user permissions, and database monitoring.
  • The limit on the buffer cache for each instance is 1MB of RAM.
  • The relational database engine is restricted to the lesser of 1 socket or 4 cores.
  • Windows 8, 8.1, 10 in 64 bit

  • Drive space of at least 500meg

  • 8gig of memory

  • .Net Framework 4.7.2

  • Teamviewer if you need support.


Demo User Supported Monthly
or Hour Blocks
YouTube Channel
Issue Ticket Support
Email Support
Priority Email Support × ×
Phone Support × ×
Remote Desktop Support × ×
On-Site × × Time, Travel and Expense Cost


Demo User Supported Monthly
or Hour Blocks
Issue Ticket Support
Email Support
Priority Email Support × ×
Phone Support × ×
Remote Desktop Support × ×



$000Free Demo
  • Fully Functional up to 10 customer or 10 firearms


$6999Per User / Per PC
  • Fully Functional


2999Per User Monthly
  • Fully Functional