MyFFLBook offers a “All In One” turn-key solution for home based FFL’s, Collectors, Gun Shops, Gunsmiths and Gun Ranges with multiple site configuration to gun retailers nationwide. MyFFLBook provides firearm-industry specific point-of-sale (POS) software, POS hardware, installation, training and support with all the features needed for the industry. Whether you are a single location or have to multiple locations, we can help you.

While using MyFFLBook and using the information provided on the dashboard, employees become more efficient on doing their specific daily tasks and also gives them ability to accomplish routine maintenance tasks around your facility. This is especially useful for gun range maintenance monthly tasks. The dashboard also lets the employees know daily sales, vacations, daily class schedules and updates on gunsmithing work.

Renew your Lanes

MyFFLBook allows you to change that “ole” toggle switch for a more modern look and feel. These boxes can run with MyFFLBook or can be installed in a stand-alone mode. If used in conjunction with MyFFLBook and it lane management system you will reduce lane time abuse from your shooters as when their time runs out or if another shooters decides to use a unoccupied lane, it locks them out. If installed in a stand-alone model you will make you lanes look modern with some key addons to send you target down range to a specific yard and some tutor buttons plus gets rid of that “ole” toggle switch.

The Ole Toggle

Toggle Replacement

Lane Control

Key Features

Sales Side

POS (point of sale) software. Everything our software does is designed to responsibly manage the acquisition and disposition of firearms for the FFL. We bring it all together in an easy-to-use, customer facing, receipt printing, sales report producing, FFL dealer dream-come-true process.

Software for firearm dealers

GunShop Software is POS (point of sale) software. Everything our software does is designed to responsibly manage the acquisition and disposition of firearms for the FFL. We bring it all together in an easy-to-use, customer facing, receipt printing, sales report producing, FFL dealer dream-come-true process.

ATF Compliance

Meets all ATF Rulings to keep your 4473 transactions safe


You will have your employees and customer out the door in no time after filling out our 4473 with MyFFLBook. Your customer will have the opportunity to fill out and sign the entire form electronically. The customer will have a specific screen to enter and save some reoccurring data for their next purchase. MyFFLBook’s 4473 creation still requires (Pen Ink Signature from Buyer prior NICS E-Check) Complacency for ATF ruling 2016-1ATF ruling 2016-2ATF ruling 2016-3ATF ruling 2016-4 and ATF ruling 2016-5 compliant

Lane Scheduling

Schedule your shooter to specific lanes to aide in range equipment usage

Shoot to Lane Scheduling

Employee’s can scan the shooter card and then the system will display which lane had not been used or is down so that you can send the shooter to a specific lane. This will also help with maintenance and system ware and tare evenly on a daily basis.


Keeps your inventory up to date.

Keep up with your Stock

Lookup items and even firearm via they serial number or UPC code at you fingertips. Inventory can be viewed per item and per supplier and at which location. As for the firearms from the 4473 electronic bonded book from acquisition and disposition information is easily found.


Ability to see shooter frequency at the range.

Historical Info

Employees can visually see how many times a particular person had been coming into the range. Also available at your finger tips the ability to enter user notes on memberships, cleanings and many other options.

EASY 4473

MyFFLBook goal’s is to keep a clean 4473 electronic bonded book and track transfers.


Employees can put minimal end customer information in by scanning their drivers license. This starts the process for the end customer fill-in the necessary information needed for the ATF 4473 form. Also with MyFFLBook do not have to remember to check for multiples sales within the last 5 days as we do it for you.

Industry Models


Acquisitions & Depositions Software


MyFFLBook software allows starter FFL’s, known as kitchen table FFL dealers, to simply do out of state transfers and to keep an electronic bonded book. This will help you reduce mistakes made on the 4473 forms.


Work Orders Software


MyFFLBook allows for the home based gunsmith FFL that wants to use a 4473 electronic bonded book, to track out of state transfers and their work orders and sales.


Point of Sales Software


MyFFLBook offers the gun shops a POS (point of sale) piece to help in everyday sales of goods and transfers.

Everything our software does is designed to industry process standards and manages in state or out of state transfers, tracking every acquisition and disposition of firearms. We bring it all together in an easy-to-use user interface which also includes an end customer facing form, printing of receipts , sales report and ATF required reports for a dealer’s dream-come-true process.


Lane Management Control Software


MyFFLBook’s additional functions are for gun ranges to be able to conduct business the same as the other models :

Lane Total Usage
Track Membership Range Usage
Track Shooter Range Usage
Membership Level Integration
Online Lane Usability

Main Screen / Dashboard

Customer View


Customer Main Screen

Customer Range Usage

Customer Documents


Customer Links


Customer Waiver

Product Features

Stock Take



GunBook ATF Historical Changes

Wifi Inventory

Range View

Lane Allocation

TV LineUp

The New Toggle


Equipment Needed

System Requirements

Windows 7,8,10

All of your data will be backed up on an hourly basis using Microsoft’s SQL Express Server. If you already own a SQL server at you facility, you will be able to use it instead.

Before deploying SQL Server Express, you should make yourself aware of its limitations which include:

  • 1GB maximum memory used by the SQL Server Database Engine
  • The maximum size of each relational database is 10GB
  • SQL Agent is not included in Express. The SQL Agent is a background tool which enables administrators to automate tasks like backing up data, database replication setup, job scheduling, user permissions, and database monitoring.
  • The limit on the buffer cache for each instance is 1MB of RAM.
  • The relational database engine is restricted to the lesser of 1 socket or 4 cores.
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 in 32 or 64 bit

  • Drive space of at least 500meg

  • 4gig of memory
  • .Net Framework 4.7.2

  • Teamviewer if you need support.

Who Are We


A little bit of history on our MyFFLBook software. Our owner could not find an in-expensive software on the market that would allow a single individual the ability to adhere to the industry requirements at a low cost being a home based gunsmith when he started.

MyFFLBook is for those who are collectors and want to keep track of firearm acquisitions and dispositions but introduce an electronic bounded book.

MyFFLBook is for those who do not want to use an old manual paper process for their firearm acquisitions and dispositions but introduce an electronic bounded book.

MyFFLBook goal’s are to keep a clean 4473 electronic bounded book to track transfers of sales and work orders to wear and tear on lanes in your range.

MyFFLBook is a “All in One” software that includes everything but the financial package. It is built for as simple as the home collector and want to keep track of firearm acquisitions and dispositions up-to a full operational gun range.

MyFFLBook has the ability for multi-locations and a central data storage. This makes it possible for easy access that employers can view of all sales data for all locations and more…

MyFFLBook goal is to have everything at you figure tips and the ability to send all of it sales/invoices data to an accounting package

Steve was born in Quebec, Canada. He first work as a agricultural mechanic on farming equipment during his school life. He also owned a computer/networking retail store back during the dot com era from 1995 to 2000. He also has spent most of his life in the IT realm of the corrugated industry running teams to install “Quote 2 Cash” around the globe in corrugated box plants such as International Paper, Weyerhaeuser, Rock-Tenn, Smurfit and also sheet plants.

In 2011 started a retail gun shop and gunsmithing service and was in need of a software. The problem he ran into was every software were not priced for a small starting business. So this became his direction to create a software that would be cost effective from the small to the larger sized business.

In 2016 he built a gun range located in Loveland, OH to help with the build of this software.


Industry 95%
Industry Needs 89%
Usability 97%
Database 90%



$000Free Demo
  • Fully Functional


$6999Per User
  • Fully Functional


9999Per User Monthly
  • Fully Functional