1.Notice #

Copyright Notice

SFL Services, LLC has prepared this document for use only by their staff, agents, customers and prospective customers. Companies, names and data used as examples in this document are fictitious unless otherwise noted. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of SFL Service, LLC, who reserve the right to change specifications and other information contained herein without prior notice. The reader should consult SFL Services, LLC to determine whether any such changes have been made.


Licensing and Warranty

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1.1.Introduction #



This software was built by a FFL (Federal Firearm Licence) owner, whom goes by the name of Steven Ling. He was born in Quebec, Canada. Mr. Ling began working as an agricultural mechanic on farming equipment, throughout his school-life. Steven also owned a computer/networking retail store during the “dot com” era, from 1995-to-2000. He has also spent most of his working-life in the IT realm of the corrugated industry, running teams to install “Quote-2-Cash” around the globe in corrugated box plants such as: “International Paper,” “Weyerhaeuser,” “Rock-Tenn,” “Smurfit,” and their “Sheet Plants.”

In 2011, Steven started a retail gun shop, as well as a gunsmithing service, too. The need for an efficient software program to help maintain daily activity and inventory was now higher than ever. A problem he often found himself running into, was that almost every software out there, under this subject, was not priced for a small, starting business to simply keep records. Thus, it became Steven’s mission to create a software that would be cost-effective from the small, to ever growing businesses. Near the end of the year, 2014, the current coding for this application started with utilizing Quickbooks for the front, retail area. Since Quickbooks is not an industry-specific software, and could not help automate some of the shop’s processes, the direction was to create a software that would be cost-effective from the smaller, to the larger-based businesses. This software is geared from the home of FFL, which entails: gunsmithing, gunshop, and even range management. MYFFLBook can handle multiple locations at once, and can be ran from a central database server.

In 2016, Steven built a gun range located in Loveland, OH to help with the build of this software. Here, is an excerpt of our history on with the MyFFLBook software. Our owner could not find any comparable, inexpensive software on the market, which would allow a single individual the ability to adhere to the industry requirements at a low cost. The creator and founder of MYFFLBook, began as a home-based gunsmith, when he started.

The MyFFLBook software is for those whom are collectors, wanting to keep track of firearm acquisitions and dispositions, while also introducing an electronic-bound (e-book) book, as well. This particular software is for those whom do not want to utilize an old, manual, paper-process for their firearm acquisitions and dispositions, but to introduce an e-book, instead. One of the top goals of MyFFLBook, is to keep a clean, 4473 e-book. This will enable easy-to-track transfers of both sales and work orders.  to wear-and-tear on lanes in your range. MyFFLBook allows the ability to use a 3D scanner to scan state-issued documents to help input minimal customer data. MyFFLBook is for those who are collectors and want to keep track of firearm acquisitions and dispositions but introduce an electronic bounded book. MyFFLBook is for those who do not want to use an old manual paper process for their firearm acquisitions and dispositions but introduce an electronic bounded book.

A little bit of history on our MyFFLBook software. Mr. Ling could not find an in-expensive software on the market that would allow a single individual the ability to adhere to the industry requirements at a low-cost. Understanding the value of a dollar and viewing the needs from gunsmiths perspective, Steve set out to create an effective and efficient software that is all-encompassing.

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1.2.Installation Pre-requisites #


Here is a list of the requirements that are needed to run the software.

Install the following

Dot Net framework 4.6

Microsoft SQL Server Express 2017

Adobe Reader


Older Versions:

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1.3.Microsoft SQL Installation #

Setup Microsoft SQL Server

Step 1

Go to the link provided to start downloading the SQL Express database engine.

Step 2

Click on download


Step 3

Click on the basic installation


Step 4

Accept the terms


Step 5

Click on Install


Step 6

Click on close


Step 7

Double click on the install program you downloaded from us


Step 8

Leave defaults and click next


Step 9

Leave defaults and click next


Step 10

Agree and click next


Step 11

Click next


Step 12

Click close


Step 13

Double click on MyFFLBook Icon and application should create defaults and open up







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2.User Manual #

2.1.Dashboard #

Dashboard Introduction

Welcome to MYFFLBook!

We’ve created an online manual on how to use our software program.

Below, one will find that there is both a written and visual representation, to provide in-depth detail about how our system works (we hope to soon have both audio and video guides, so that we can provide a grander spectrum of ways/tutorials to utilize this software).

If there are any questions/concerns, please call our tech-support number [insert number here], or email us at [insert email address here]. *will you be doing an online chat support in the future?*





This screenshot is what one should see, once opening up the MYFFLBook software. Here, one will find that each section represents significant information. In order to access specific sections, such as “CLASSES,” and “INVOICE,” the mainscreen will be something that one will want to become more comfortable utilizing. This mainscreen grants one the ability to maintain an organized–as well as efficient–approach to keeping up with business and/or personal inventory of firearms (and more).



There are two ways (thus far), on how to access each section in which our software offers. Below, there are two boxes that are highlighted in red. The horizontal box is where one can access the icons, and the vertical box is where one can access the side bar.



For these, simply click on each image, to view each of the different categories.



To have a glimpse at each section by sub-category, please click the “+” on the left side of each, worded category, in order to drop down the sub-categories. This feature is soft of like a “Masterlist” of what this software has to offer.

Side Bar with Categories Opened

This is what the Side Bar should look like, once fully opened. Now, this isn’t completely necessary to have it all opened at once, but instead, this shows a manual way to launch a rather specific sub-category, if and/or when needed.




Color-Coding *ask about new colors–and what they mean,–before adding a new screenshot.*

By-Passing Task *must ask about how this pertains to the above*

Completing Tasks *refer to the above two notes*



This board allows for staff members to be informed over any, upcoming reservations (whether it’s for private, and/or group instruction).

Close-Up of the Reservation Board





This board enables users to add-in a customer/retailer purchase in a basic, summary form. Notes can also be taken, as well.

Close-Up of  the Order Board






This board gives one an overview of whom has a vacation/leave of absence, scheduled.

Close-Up of the Vacations/Leave Board






The highlighted section of this dashboard, Gunsmithing, is part of the Gunbook. Here, one will find a summarized version of what the Gunbook tab can offer. There is also a color code that allows for signifying certain information, too.

Close-Up of the Gunsmithing Board











This section on the dashboard gives one a quick glance at the sum of any sale shown, below.

Close-Up of the Information Board






Here, one will see the current status of what the different age restrictions are, for the day.

Close-Up of Age Restrictions Board




The task board gives one a guideline to follow (whether routine, a new update, or something else), which can help maintain structure. There is also a color-coding system set in place, to separate the different tasks (and etc.).

Close-Up of the Tasks Board


With the Layaway/Delays feature, one can enter a waiting customer’s name, to hear back from an FBI from a background check. This board also gives one a place to enter a customer’s item(s) on layaway, so long as said customer makes a down payment, first.

Close-Up of Layaway/Delays


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2.2.Customers & Suppliers #


With this feature, a user will be able to access a customer’s/supplier’s information. A staff member can easily build a customer’s profile, as well as a profile for a supplier, too. This feature also has the ability to include significant, small details, such as firearm transfers–if a customer is also an employee–and more.


How to Access the Customers/Suppliers Information with the Icon


How to Access the Customers/Suppliers Information with the Side Bar


Example of a Customer’s Profile

This feature allows one to keep track of a customer’s status (owns a key card, has a valid membership, as well as any additional notes). This option also allows for one to type in information from a written waiver form, in order to maintain both a written, and digital copy at the same time. This is a helpful feature to have, especially if one needs to quickly search for significant information about a consumer. In order to do so, using a scanner, one can easily scan the bar code of a client’s key card for a rapid overview of saved information. If one needs to fill in information about a new and/or existing customer, simply open up the page (via the icon, or the side bar), and utilize the empty boxes to fill whichever information needs to be filled-in.

At the bottom of this page, there are gray tabs to access additional information per profile. For example, the “Links” tab gives the staff member facile opportunity to view several options pertaining to each customer (i.e. personal Invoices and FFL).


Yes No

2.3.Classes #



In order to access this section, there are two ways to achieve this. Using the left sidebar, or simply clicking on the icon “Classes,” will open up a new window. This will then give the opportunity to look over any information regarding this subject.

How to Access the Classes Information with the Icon

How to Access the Classes Information with the Side Bar


Example of the Classes Page

With this tab opened, one can now log any, necessary classes. Or,  simply have a digital index of them. One can also add new members, including any, additional notes, as well. With this feature, one can also click the “is Paid” check box, to effortlessly keep track of whom has paid, and whom has not.



Yes No

2.4.Products #


When one needs to view which product is in-stock, utilizing the icon and/or side bar, a separate tab will pop open. Here, a staff member can insert any, vital information about a certain product, check the inventory of a certain item (simply scan the bar code, or manually type it into the system), or even to check the cost of a certain item. One can print labels with this feature, as well. The “Products” page can be utilized as an inventory tracker for each product (whether for personal, and/or business reasons). This is a great way to maintain stock–readily update it–throughout the day, or whenever necessary.


How to Access the Products Information with the Icon


How to Access the Products Information with the Side Bar

Example of the Products Page

Here is a visual of what the “Products” page should look like, once it is opened. There are also some visual guides on how to access some of the various options that this feature provides, in order to rapidly log new and/or existing products.

What Each, Gray Tab Looks Like:

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2.4.1.Import Products #

2.5.StockTake #


This feature allows for one to access inventory in several, different forms. Generating a stock-take can be made possible by clicking on the “+.” This will begin a new process. Because stock-takes are not always completed on the same day, we have developed an option to reconcile, using the “Reconcile Date” drop-down menu.

Utilizing the UPC search, one can scan–or manually type up–the barcode of each product already placed into the system. For guns only, simply click on the “GunInventory” check box.

How to Access the StockTake Information with the Icon

How to Access the StockTake Icon with the Side Bar


Example of StockTake Page

Below, are some visual guides to show how some of these features can be utilized.



Yes No

2.6.GunBook #


To add something, go to the “+” button, and then enter the proper criteria for the specific items. A user can print tags for the product, using the “Label” button. For Gunsmithing, products, and etc., enter the proper information under the “Work Order” button. Fill-in any, additional information under the gray tabs, if necessary. Some of these tabs carry linked information from other features on this software, to provide easier access.

How to access the GunBook with the Icon

How to Access GunBook with the Side Bar


Example of GunBook Page

Yes No

2.7.End Customer #

End Customer

Currently, with the feature,, it is only able to generate a digital summary of the actual copy of a 4473 paper. One should always keep the paper-form of this document, in a properly stored place.

How to Access End Customer with the Icon

How to Access End Customer with the Side Bar


Example of the 4473 Page

Yes No

2.8.Gift Card #

Gift Card


How to Access Gift Card with the Icon

How to Access Gift Card with the Side Bar


Example of Gift Card Page

With this tab opened, one can scan a gift card, to view its status. To load a gift card, be sure to change the status from “Pending,” to “Active.” Filling out the customer/recipient boxes allows for one to keep a future reference about the card information. This will allow for better identification, as well as better access to any, prior gift card sales. New gift cards can be easily created, using the “+.” Cards can also be printed, as well.

Yes No

2.9.End of Shift #

End of Shift

How to Access End of Shift with the Icon

How to Access End of Shift with the Side Bar

Example of End of Shift Page

With this feature, one can balance out the tills, through a breakdown process. One can add the till name–as well as user’s name–as well. Additional notes can also be added, too.

Yes No

2.10.PriceCheck #


How to Access PriceCheck with the Icon

How to Access PriceCheck with the Side Bar


Example of Price Check Page

Scan–or manually type in–the barcode of a product, and it will begin to populate the screen with any information that has been previously stored into the system.

Yes No

2.11.Invoice #


(also linked to “Layaway/Delays,” and “Orderboard” boards, on the mainscreen). With this feature, one can access any, previously logged invoices, as well as create new ones, too. With the “UPC” line, click on it, and then scan–or manually type in–the barcode of a product. This will allow one to look up an invoice, and/or create a new one. If a customer is purchasing a firearm on layaway, said client can pay an “X” amount, in order to do so. One can allow for this option to occur, simply by clicking on “Amount to Apply.” As this populates, use the “Partial Payment” option. Lastly, one should also check one of the boxes, before saving.

How to Access Invoice with the Icon

How to Access Invoice with the Side Bar

Example of Invoice Page

With this feature, one can type in the customer’s card information–or scan their card–to generate information about the products/in-voices. One will want to ask the employee for an ID to scan, as well as scanning the tag of the firearm, itself.

Yes No

2.12.NICS #

2.13.Bay Allocate #

Bay Allocate

This feature allows for one to view each bay, occupy one, or even shut certain lanes/bays down (if necessary).

How to Access Bay Allocate with the Icon

How to Access Bay Allocate with the Side Bar




















Bay Allocate Page Example

One can scan and/or manually type-in a customer’s kay card, in order for information to generate. If there aren’t any errors, proceed to filling in the mandatory information for customer’s designated bay and lane.


Yes No

2.14.Help #

2.14.1.Settings #

Parameter Value Comments
PURGELOGFILESMONTH 1 Length of time to keep log files
DOCUMENTSFOLDER Documents Default folder to keep printed documents
EMAIL sales@myfflbook.com Site email address
IMPORTFOLDER import Default import folder
MEMEBRCHECK 30 Days for members to change to yellow as a warning to update/upgrade their membership
SHOOTERPERLANE 4 Max shooters per lane
EXTRALANESECONDS 90 Number of seconds to add to each user when you add them to a lane
SCREENBAYSIZE 6 Number of bays per line in bay allocation
SHOOTMINAGE 18 Shooter minimum age limit to be without an adult
PISTOLMINAGE 21 Shooter minimum age limit to shoot pistols
WAIVERFORM Waiver.Rules.pdf Default waiver rules for the range
WORKORDERFORM Gunsmithing.Work.Order.pdf Default gunsmithing work order form
SQLBACKUPS c:\temp Default SQL backups
SMTP mail.onling.com Mail server
FROMEMAIL sales@myfflbook.com Email use for document being mailed out
LOGO C:\ProgramData\MyFFLBook\logo.jpg Location of logo file to be used on your documents
MSSQLEXPRESS TRUE Using local installed of MsSQL Express
AUTHORIZENETAPI 6Vgw66AX7 Authorize.NET credit card processor API
AUTHORIZENETKEY 4y7hMM8qk7UQ65pG Authorize.NET credit card processor API KEY
Yes No

3.Reports #

4.Troubleshooting #