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1.Notice #

Copyright Notice

SFL Services, LLC has prepared this document for use only by their staff, agents, customers and prospective customers. Companies, names and data used as examples in this document are fictitious unless otherwise noted. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of SFL Service, LLC, who reserve the right to change specifications and other information contained herein without prior notice. The reader should consult SFL Services, LLC to determine whether any such changes have been made.  

Licensing and Warranty

The terms and conditions governing the licensing of SFL Services, LLC software consist solely of those set forth in the written contracts between SFL Services, LLC and its customers. Except as expressly provided for in the warranty provisions of those written contracts, no representation or other affirmation of fact contained in this document, including but not limited to statements regarding capacity, suitability for use or performance of products described herein, shall be deemed to be a warranty by SFL Services, LLC for any purpose, or give rise to any liability of SFL Services, LLC whatsoever.  


In no event shall SFL Services, LLC be liable for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages whatsoever (including but not limited to lost profits) arising out of or related to this document or the information contained in it, even if SFL Services, LLC had been advised, knew or should have known of the possibility of such damages, and even if they had acted negligently.
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1.1.Introduction #


This software was built by a FFL (Federal Firearm Licensee) owner, whom goes by his first name Steve.  Steve began working as an agricultural mechanic on farming equipment, throughout his school-life. Steve also owned a computer/networking retail store during the “dot com” era, from 1995-to-2000. He has also spent most of his working-life in the IT realm of the corrugated industry, running teams to install “Quote-2-Cash” around the globe in corrugated box plants such as: “International Paper,” “Weyerhaeuser,” “Rock-Tenn,” “Smurfit,” and their “Sheet Plants.”

In 2011, Steve started a retail gun shop, as well as a gunsmithing service, too. The need for an efficient software program to help maintain daily activity and inventory was now higher than ever. A problem he often found himself running into, was that almost every software out there, under this subject, was not priced for a small, starting business to simply keep records. Thus, it became Steve’s mission to create a software that would be cost-effective from the small, to ever growing businesses. Near the end of the year, 2014, the current coding for this application started with utilizing QuickBooks for the front, retail area. Since QuickBooks is not an industry-specific software, and could not help automate some of the shop’s processes, the direction was to create a software that would be cost-effective from the smaller, to the larger-based businesses. This software is geared from the home of FFL, which entails: gunsmithing, gunshop, and even range management. MyFFLBook can handle multiple locations at once, and can be ran from a central database server.

In 2016, Steve built a gun range located in Loveland, OH to help with the build of this software. Here, is an excerpt of our history on with the MyFFLBook software. Our owner could not find any comparable, inexpensive software on the market, which would allow a single individual the ability to adhere to the industry requirements at a low cost. The creator and founder of MyFFLBook, began as a home-based gunsmith, when he started.

MyFFLBook software is for those whom are collectors, wanting to keep track of firearm acquisitions and dispositions, while also introducing an electronic-bound (e-book) book, as well. This particular software is for those whom do not want to utilize an old, manual, paper-process for their firearm acquisitions and dispositions, but to introduce an e-book, instead. One of the top goals of MyFFLBook, is to keep a clean, 4473 e-book. This will enable easy-to-track transfers of both sales and work orders.  to wear-and-tear on lanes in your range. MyFFLBook allows the ability to use a 3D scanner to scan state-issued documents to help input minimal customer data. MyFFLBook is for those who are collectors and want to keep track of firearm acquisitions and dispositions but introduce an electronic bounded book. MyFFLBook is for those who do not want to use an old manual paper process for their firearm acquisitions and dispositions but introduce an electronic bounded book.

A little bit of history on our MyFFLBook software. Steve could not find an in-expensive software on the market that would allow a single individual the ability to adhere to the industry requirements at a low-cost. Understanding the value of a dollar and viewing the needs from gunsmiths perspective, Steve set out to create an effective and efficient software that is all-encompassing.

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1.2.Installation Pre-requisites #


Here is a list of the requirements that are needed to run the software.

Install the following

Please make sure that you install the Microsoft requirement for the database.

This the link on how to install the Microsoft requirements:

Released Versions

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1.3.Installation #



This is a video that will help you with the installation of our software and its pre-requisites.

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2.Initial Configuration #

Initial Configuration


This is to setup the base information needed to make MyFFLBook site specific to your location.

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3.How It Works #

3.1.Dashboard #

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3.2.Customers and Suppliers #

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3.3.Class Scheduling #

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3.4.Products #

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3.5.Gunbook #

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3.6.Gift Card #

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3.7.Price Check #

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3.8.Invoice #

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3.9.WishList #

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3.10.NICS Issue #

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3.11.Multi-Sales #

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3.12.Bay Allocations #

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3.13.End of Shift #

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4.Revisions # #

4.1.1.ATF Listings #


This video will show you how to import the ATF FFL Listings into MyFFLBook for all the Federal Firearm Licensees.

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4.1.2.Search FFL #


This video is to show how to use the search FFL options from the customer to automatically add a new FFL to MyFFLBook

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5.Help #

5.1.Parameters #

PURGELOGFILESMONTH1Length of time to keep log files
DOCUMENTSFOLDERDocumentsDefault folder to keep printed documents
EMAILsales@korinaling.comSite email address
IMPORTFOLDERimportDefault import folder
MEMEBRCHECK30Days for members to change to yellow as a warning to update/upgrade their membership
SHOOTERPERLANE4Max shooters per lane
EXTRALANESECONDS90Number of seconds to add to each user when you add them to a lane
SCREENBAYSIZE6Number of bays per line in bay allocation
SHOOTMINAGE18Shooter minimum age limit to be without an adult
PISTOLMINAGE21Shooter minimum age limit to shoot pistols
WAIVERFORMWaiver.Rules.pdfDefault waiver rules for the range
WORKORDERFORMGunsmithing.Work.Order.pdfDefault gunsmithing work order form
SQLBACKUPSc:\tempDefault SQL backups
SMTPmail.onling.comMail server
FROMEMAILsales@korinaling.comEmail use for document being mailed out
LOGOC:\ProgramData\MyFFLBook\logo.jpgLocation of logo file to be used on your documents
MSSQLEXPRESSTRUEUsing local installed of MsSQL Express
AUTHORIZENETAPI6Vgw66AX7Authorize.NET credit card processor API
AUTHORIZENETKEY4y7hMM8qk7UQ65pGAuthorize.NET credit card processor API KEY
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6.Reports #

7.Troubleshooting #

8.Stock Take #

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