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Release Notes

This page is to be used for our download community to help them know what was in each release before they are downloaded.


3.00.0 02/18/19

Changed the revision number for customer release

2.23.0 02/15/19

Added a print label in the GunBook
Added document links in customer

2.14.0 09/01/18

Merged Customers and Membership Cards onto one screen
Added range usage to Customer profile
Added Waivers to Customer Profile
Added documents to Customer Profile

1.0.18 07/19/17

Added membership cards
Added Shooter Info
Added Shooter Lane Usage / Visits
Added Bay & Lane Allocation by Shooter

1.0.5 01/23/16

Added the ability to import Customer & Suppliers

1.0.4 12/31/15

Report added back in for Acquisition and Dispositions
Added the ability to install on either 32bit or 64bit

1.0.3 11/17/15

Bug Fix:
No reported bug fixed

Moved FFL number to Customer/Supplier level
Added GunBook Label Print Button

Revolver/Pistols Multies Form
Check for last x Days for old revolver/pistol transfers
Adding the reports back in for Acquisition and Dispositions

1.0.2 10/30/15

Bug Fix:
When no FFL personal aqusition
No Close Button
No Product Memory
FFL for Easy Supplier Population on The Form
State County Should Only Show Counties From That State
Cannot Save Customer Forum Without Info
Al Drop-Downs Should Be in Alphabetical Order
Automatic Check for In-Stock on Gun Book
Grey Out Fields So User Knows to Hit “+”
Restart Gun Book Every Time A New Product Is Added
Cannot Complete a save; County Doesn’t Work
Add FFL to customer

1.0.0 09/14/15

Initial Demo Release of MyFFLBook
Created Install Package
Created Install Document