A little bit of history on our MyFFLBook software. Our owner could not find an in-expensive software on the market that would allow a single individual the ability to adhere to the industry requirements at a low cost being a home based gunsmith when he started.

MyFFLBook is for those who are collectors and want to keep track of firearm acquisitions and dispositions but introduce an electronic bounded book.

MyFFLBook is for those who do not want to use an old manual paper process for their firearm acquisitions and dispositions but introduce an electronic bounded book.

MyFFLBook goal’s are to keep a clean 4473 electronic bounded book to track transfers of sales and work orders to wear and tear on lanes in your range.

MyFFLBook is a “All in One” software that includes everything but the financial package. It is built for as simple as the home collector and want to keep track of firearm acquisitions and dispositions up-to a full operational gun range.

MyFFLBook has the ability for multi-locations and a central data storage. This makes it possible for easy access that employers can view of all sales data for all locations and more…

MyFFLBook goal is to have everything at you figure tips and the ability to send all of it sales/invoices data to an accounting package


Customer Release

NOTES: Before downloading the application.

1) This version of MyFFLBook requires your business to have a hardcover paper A&D book.

2) Every Federal Firearm Licencee must read the following from this document before using an application, click HERE.

Please make sure that you install the Microsoft requirement for the database.

This the link on how to install the Microsoft requirements:

Free Support or Issue Reporting in our Forums:

Click: HERE

Release Versions

Version 3.01.2 06/16/19

Bug Fixes
Vacation Form is not opening and is closing the application
Gunbook changed to unlock all fields on a edit
Daily and Monthly tasks were not population correctly
Yesterdays sales error on 5/31/19 date
Todays sales error not showing partial payments
By-pass on daily task dashboard has been fixed
Installation errors, cause by some versions of Windows 10 permissions issues

Know Bugs
4473 Customer Input gunbook not saving

New Options
Added Site to be set per user and also an Admin flag for restricted options
Added Multi-Till capability for end of day reconciliation
Added a Disposition change option on the gunbook

Version 3.01.0 5/10/19

New Options
This release is for the customers after Shot Show and NRA Show 2019
Changed the revision version number for upcoming customer release
Added a print label to go to email of no printer is specified
Added a print label in the GunBook
Added document links in customer
Merged Customers and Membership Cards onto one screen
Added range usage to Customer profile
Added Waivers to Customer Profile
Added documents to Customer Profile
Added membership cards
Added Shooter Info
Added Shooter Lane Usage / Visits
Added Bay & Lane Allocation by Shooter
Added the ability to import Customer & Suppliers
Report added back in for Acquisition and Dispositions
Added the ability to install on either 32bit or 64bit
Moved FFL number to Customer/Supplier level
Added GunBook Label Print Button
Check for last x Days for old revolver/pistol transfers
Adding the reports back in for Acquisition and Dispositions
Importing from Lipsey’s


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